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  Slack - linking Channels to Qwik Master records

How to link Slack Channels to Qwik master records

First, review the info on how Qwik links records: click here.

Slack is enabled for QwikDESK, not QwikTEAM.

Completing the view of an Owner record by linking it to a Slack Channel

Many Slack Channels you create relate to specific activities such as connections and contacts or projects and opportunities your teams are communicating about. 

Those connections, contacts, projects, etc. might also be set up as Owner records in Qwik and likely contain significant additional information not available in the Slack channel conversations. For example: profiles, addresses, phones, history of actions (notes, appointments, to dos, callbacks), links to other connections or projects and all the other things that make up the complete picture. See here for more info.

So if you can link the Slack channel's conversations to an Owner record, you complete the picture for that Owner record. Also, you could quickly jump from the Slack channel to its owner. 

Link a Slack Channel to a QwikDESK Owner record - include 'q' plus the Qwik record ID in the Channel name, or in the Topic or Purpose

Because there are no direct ties between Slack and QwikDESK, you need to include a Qwik Owner record ID reference in the applicable Slack Channel Name, Topic or Purpose.

1. Get the Qwik Owner Record ID. Open the owner record - project (including opportunity, task, etc.), help desk or contact. Below, we get a current Opportunities list and click on the one we want as an Owner record:

2. This opens the record:

3. Make a note of the Record ID. If you are looking for a Contact record, the Record ID is here:

4. In Slack, as Primary (administrator), locate the Channel you want as the link channel and click the drop down arrow:

5. You can add the Qwik record ID in the Name, Purpose or Topic. 

6. To identify a Channel as a linked channel, QwikDESK needs the record ID preceded by the letter 'q', as in:

In the name:




or in the topic:

This channel is linked to Qwik q63274 contains conversations about the Dell Toronto 2014 project.

or in the purpose:

This channel is used by various team members on the Dell Toronto 2014 project


In the Name, like this:

Results in:



We recommend name since it's the most visible:

  • To enter it in the Name or Purpose, click [Advanced options...]


  • Click the Rename this channel link.


  • To enter it as part of the purpose, click the Edit the channel purpose link.



  • If you choose Topic, enter it in the 'Set channel topic' area and save the change.


Back in QwikDESK

1. Click [Collaboration], then [slack]:

2. The renamed Channel will display. Select it:

3. Click on any one of the row items to display the Detail view:

4. If all went well, the [Jump to owner] button should display and the Qwik link record ID should display:

5. Click [jump to owner] to display the Owner record:

The process is the same for a Contact record....

Note that History links do not include Slack conversations. Qwik does not store Slack messages; it retrieves them in real-time directly from Slack.