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  QwikDESK and Slack 

QwikDESK and Slack

QwikDESK works with your Slack Team to provide quick access to Slack conversations, retrieved in real-time.

You can also link a Slack Channel to a Qwik owner record (Contact, Project - including Opportunities and Tasks, Help Desk ticket) for a complete view of everything related to that Qwik record.

This functionality significantly expands the utility of Slack conversations by placing them in context of a Qwik owner record. Qwik owner records contain substantial history, social, profile, connections and other information and associating a Slack channel with an owner record provides instant access to a complete view.

In QwikDESK:

Conversations can be viewed by channel, by date, by list count:


Clicking a message brings up a Detail view:

Where a Slack Channel is linked to a Qwik Owner record, as in the following Channel where 'q4770' in q4770-mary-dale indicates the Qwik owner record ID, clicking the row item:

Brings up the Detail view with a [Jump to owner] button:

Clicking [Jump to owner] brings up the owner record. In this case, a Contact record:

From there you can view the entire history, social connections and links, related connections and so on...

More information

Slack linking isn't limited to the Channel name. The related Qwik record ID can be in the topic or the purpose.

For Slack linking detailed information: click here.

Information on linking in Qwik: click here.